popularization and modernization

Activity 1 - Organization and Management of the Project
Expected results - the creation of a team of experts for the organization and management of the project. Creating conditions for its technical performance, conducting public procurement procedures according PPL. Achieving transparent and effective project management.

Activity 2 - Implementation of contracts under the PPL for selection of contractors for the activities and products and technical implementation of the  construction,  consolidation, conservation and restoration activities. 
Expected results - conducted procurements under PPL for engineering  of construction and repair and conservation and restoration works, construction and investment supervision, revitalization of the site through interactive technology, information and publicity, signing  contracts by direct audit of the project, translation, and delivery of office supplies.
Activity 3 - Revitalization of the open space
To promote and create attractive cultural object, are provided activities linked to the production of holograms. They are a rare opportunity landmark archaeological exhibits to be presented realistically to a wide audience without requiring the physical presence of the originals.
Expected results - making of 30 holograms that will recreate the artifacts within the archaeological park.
Activity 4 - Development of open-air museum
Expected results - creating an Exhibition plan for the outdoor museum and adapting it to the supplied infrastructure for interactive presentation of digital exposures related to the history of ceramic technology in Europe and worldwide; creating a scale model of a complex of historic ceramic kilns around villa rustica based on historical written records and prints available from the past;
presentation of the exhibition of the museum in donor countries through a teleconference bridge; creating a management plan for the archaeological park and its exhibition environment as a cultural value.
Activity 5 - Information and Publicity
In order to increase transparency and awareness of the citizens and the media, and giving visibility to the use of the Financial Mechanism of EEA 2009-2014, are provided some measures for information and publicity.
Expected results - 2 conferences, 8 media publications, 10 000 information brochures, creation of logo design of the project, manufacturing and installation of 2 billboards, 4 permanent signs, 2 office signs, creating and maintaining a website project.